Player and Parent Training Agreement with Impact Sports Services

Or otherwise known as "Terms & Conditions"

Player and Parent Training Agreement with Impact Sports Services

Step 1: Please read our terms and training agreement entirely to understand expectations. If you have any questions or concerns, email Impact Sports Services at to schedule a phone call.

Step 2: Once you have reviewed this document, you simply agree to the terms by entering your full name on the checkout form where it asks “type name to agree to the terms” and click the “I agree to the terms and conditions” box to complete your order.

~ If you do not agree with our terms and player/parent expectations - we ask that you do NOT enroll into our program. Our terms are extremely clear and protect the integrity of our program. Our program is selective and certainly NOT for every family. We only want to work with families who truly buy into our culture at Impact Sports Services. ~

1. Terms

This Agreement will begin on (the day you register) and continue for 3, 6, or 12 months based on which duration you chose. If you choose to cancel after your initial time frame of training (3, 6, or 12 months), you agree to provide Coach Paul a 60-day written notice at to cancel any future recurring payments after the contract is complete. If you do not follow our terms, you will be automatically enrolled into the same agreement for the next 3, 6, or 12 months based on the program you chose (no exceptions).

By registering for the program, you agree to the “terms and conditions” below, the Player Expectations and the Parent Expectations that clearly states the Impact Sports refund, cancelation details, and early termination policy.

2. Player Expectations

• I agree to be a positive player who is coachable

• I agree to work hard in every session, I’m here to develop and reach my goals as a player

• I agree to complete each homework tasks that Coach Paul assigns me in a timely manner

• I agree to be accountable to Coach Paul’s program and not make excuses

• I agree to bring a full water-jug and my own basketball (and proper attire) to each session

• I agree to work hard and achieve my personal goals that Coach Paul and I set

• I agree to be committed every week and dedicate time to work on my own away from our sessions

• I agree to use the additional resources and “at-home videos” that Coach Paul provides for me

• I agree that I can communicate with Coach Paul regularly about my progress via email

• I agree to fill out my monthly and quarterly reports (so I can track my progress as a player)

• I agree to put in the work needed to become a better player. My results are my responsibility.

• I agree to fill out my weekly “game evaluations” when I am in season so Coach Paul and I have a deep understanding of my performances throughout the season

• I agree to be a positive player when I make mistakes at the sessions

3. Parent Expectations/Terms

• Once we become a member, all communication is done via email.

• We have a very clear no refund policy. All sales are final once you enroll into our program.

• If you (as a parent) have questions during the week, you can ask questions via email and will receive a response within 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday)

• I agree to find a consistent day and time for my kid to train weekly and stick to that time for a 3 month period.

• Because of the number of players being trained, Coach Paul is unable to respond to text messages. If you need to have a 1-on-1 call - you can schedule a 10 minute zoom call with Coach Paul via email

• If training is rescheduled/cancelled due to weather/COVID, Coach Paul will notify the PLAYERS and PARENTS via email. Training updates/cancellations are only communicated via email . We do not text/call during the week

• I agree to bring my child to our scheduled weekly session 10 minutes early to warm up and stretch

• I understand that if we are late to the session we will forfeit the time (all sessions last 55 minutes)

• I agree with Coach Paul’s reschedule policy. If you send an email the week of our session stating your child can’t make it to our assigned session - we WILL allow you to come train on an alternative day/time that week within our current schedule. If you do not submit the request via email - you will forfeit the session. We kindly request 3 days notice before your session to reschedule.

• I understand that my child has unlimited access to Coach Paul via email and through scheduled zoom calls to ask him any questions and receive mentorship throughout the week.

• As a parent, if I have questions, I understand that I can ask questions anytime via email. That is our only method of communication. Again, our communication is strictly done through email or through a zoom call that is scheduled via email (no phone calls or texts).

• I understand that during the sessions, I will not pressure my child or yell from the sidelines. We train in a “non-pressured” environment

• I understand how to communicate with Coach Paul (and set up a 10 minute scheduled call if and when there are conflicts/vacations in advance) so we can better prepare for our sessions.

• I understand that if we are “out of town” or “on holidays” that we are still a member of the program. Please communicate with Coach Paul when you are going out of town so we can plan accordingly.

• I understand that every 90 days Coach Paul will be gone for 1 week and will disclose the dates to you in advance (and your child will complete quarterly progress reports on the “off weeks”). This is included with our program.

• I understand that the gym schedule changes every 3 months for summer, winter, spring, and fall to better accommodate and adapt to in season/off season school schedules/practice schedules.

• Missed sessions do NOT roll over into the following year/term for any reason.

• I understand that Impact Sports Services billing process is an automatic electronic funds transfer that happens monthly or one time based on the payment option you chose.

• I understand that if I have a “failed credit/debit card payment” I will need to register with a new credit or debit card within 12 hours of the failed payment. Sessions will pause until the payment is collected.

• If Impact Sports Services has not received payment for services the client is liable for collection cost, filing fees, court costs, etc

• If a client/parent terminates the contract prior to the end of the contract term they are liable for full payment via the contract agreement terms.

• Impact Sports Services reserves the right to terminate any contract.

• We offer two options for payment. 1) Pay in full at a Discount or 2) Monthly payments. All sales are final. If you enroll and don’t use the sessions - there are no make-up sessions for missed sessions.

• We offer a THREE, SIX and TWELVE month plan. If you want to CANCEL your membership, please notify us 60 days BEFORE the end of our agreement. By doing so, we will cancel the account. If not, you are auto-renewed into the next training term automatically. You can notify us in writing at at least 60 days before our final session and we will turn off the membership.

• I understand (according to Coach Paul’s liability release form) that Impact Sports Services, Coach Paul and any assistant coach for Impact Sports Services is not liable for any injuries.